Regular Services

Description Price
Stippling (depending on size) 2 to 6 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Simple Pantograph 2 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Detailed Pantograph 3.0 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Spirograph 3.0 cents (ppsi) x size and up = cost (e.g. 1 inch = 1 cent ppsi, 3 inch = 9 cent ppsi)
In the Ditch (outlining) 3.0 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Echo Stitching 3 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Custom Detailed Quilting 3 to 6 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Large meandering 2 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost
Custom work (e.g. Heirloom/Baltimore) 3 - 6 cents (ppsi) x length x width = cost

Example: A simple pantograph on a quilt top measuring 70" x 50" would cost: 1.5 x 70 x 50 = $52.50 plus tax.

Please note: "ppsi" means price per square inch. All prices subject to tax.

Additional Services

Description Price
Basting (large stitches) $30.00 - $50.00 depending on quilt size
Binding - partial finish $2.00 per lineage foot
Binding - full finish (Hand sewn on back) $3.00 per lineage foot
Backing construction $8.00 per seam
Pressing of layers $10.00 per layer
Quilt Rotation $10.00
Thread Charge (each use and change) $10.00
Cotton Batting Available Cost Per Size
Trimming batting once quilted $10.00
Squaring Quilt $15.00

Mininum charge per piece is $25.00 plus tax

** All prices subject to change **

All thread supplied. I will choose a colour to compliment your quilt or you may state your own preference.

  • Press quilt top and backing. Have all seams pressed and square up quilt and edges.
  • Clip all loose threads from top and backing. (Loose threads can cause snags and threads show through on lighter fabrics.)
  • Make sure all selvages have been removed from top and backing.
  • Use a half inch seam allowance for seamed backing and press seam open.
  • Backing and batting should be at least 6 inches longer than the top on all 4 sides.
  • Do not baste your quilt. Don't even pin baste your quilt. All layers must be separate.
  • Identify the top and bottom of your quilt top and backing. Use a tag applied with a pin for identification. This is especially important if your quilt is directional.
  • I will do my best to blend tucks, puckers and stretched areas.
  • For batting, I prefer cotton , cotton blends, some polyesters..
  • Will it be okay to quilt on your applique or embroidery?
  • All stitching is done on a Gammill stitch-regulated long-arm machine.
  • Basting is available for hand quilting; not required if machine quilted.

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